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Brand Champion of the Month

  • JANUARY Reid Hoffman Co-Founder of LinkedIn

    Reid Hoffman is best known as the co-founder of LinkedIn, the business-connection social media website he helped create in 2002.  Self proclaimed as an “entrepreneur/product strategist/investor,” Hoffman is currently the Executive Chairman for LinkedIn, a site with more than 135 million members in over 200 countries.

  • FEBRUARY Jeremy Lin New York Knicks

    Jeremy Lin burst onto the scene for the New York Knicks in early February, becoming a sudden NBA sensation and providing a spark to his underachieving team.  Lin’s winning ways and sudden rise to prominence instantly made him a recognizable brand for success and perseverance.

  • MARCH Ben Silbermann Co-founder of Pinterest

    Ben has revolutionized the relationship between the concept of social “likes” and the ability for those users to obtain the item. Pinterest hit 10 million unique visitors per month faster than any other site in history. The key to Pinterest’s success has been the visual appeal and clean interface that the site provides.

  • APRIL Kevin Systrom Co-founder and CEO of Instagram

    Instagram Co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom has taken the mobile software industry by storm. The free photo sharing program has changed the way that we snap, edit, and share the photographs taken on our mobile devices. Facebook has taken notice as well, recently purchasing Instagram for a cool $1 billion.

  • MAY Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

    Long live the queen! May’s Brand Champion comes to us all the way from Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth II, best known as the Queen of England, is celebrating the 60th anniversary of her reign with the Diamond Jubilee. Championing her brand through charitable and civic acts since her coronation in 1953, Queen Elizabeth provides a sense of consistency and longevity to the people of the Commonwealth that is certainly lacking in American public life.

About The List

A company's greatest asset is its brand. An individual’s greatest asset is character or image (a personal brand). But without a true Brand Champion leading the cause, brand success (for a company, product or person) can be elusive. The Brand Iron BC 100 list is comprised of individuals who truly understand and embrace the power of a brand (our Brand Chumps list is comprised of those who clearly don’t). Whether leaders of an organization or individuals managing their personal brand, they take responsibility for developing a brand that exudes success. Each month our staff will recognize a notable Brand Champion. Each year we will announce our BC 100 list. Whether you agree or disagree, we invite you to share your opinions. And feel free to nominate anyone you feel deserves to be part of the list.

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