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Steven Spielberg

November 19th, 2011 by admin

With countless box office hits, and a co-founder of DreamWorks Studios, Spielberg has made an unparalleled impact on the film industry. The foundation of the Spielberg brand is films with ordinary people encountering extraordinary circumstances or characters. Spielberg, as a director, is most know for films such as E.T., Indiana Jones, and Saving Private Ryan.

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A company's greatest asset is its brand. An individual’s greatest asset is character or image (a personal brand). But without a true Brand Champion leading the cause, brand success (for a company, product or person) can be elusive. The Brand Iron BC 100 list is comprised of individuals who truly understand and embrace the power of a brand (our Brand Chumps list is comprised of those who clearly don’t). Whether leaders of an organization or individuals managing their personal brand, they take responsibility for developing a brand that exudes success. Each month our staff will recognize a notable Brand Champion. Each year we will announce our BC 100 list. Whether you agree or disagree, we invite you to share your opinions. And feel free to nominate anyone you feel deserves to be part of the list.

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