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Howard Schultz

March 14th, 2012 by admin

Schultz is the man behind the famous Starbucks logo.  Schultz is a business icon and Brand Champion for the internationally renowned Starbucks brand.  The success of Starbucks is linked directly to Schultz.  Schultz started Starbucks, but stepped down as CEO in 2000.  Without Schultz leading the charge, the company’s performance and stock price slowly declined until 2008 when Schultz took over the reins again as Chairman and CEO.  With the performance and growth of the company, so linked to his presence, Schultz is a Brand Champion in the truest form.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

March 14th, 2012 by admin

His speech rings through the halls of schools nationwide. “I have a dream” are four words that have changed history forever. A pioneer for the Civil Rights movement, MLK gave his family and friends hope for a better future. Now, his dream has come true with no more segregation and where all cultures and skin colors are treated equally. He put a stamp on history unique to only him, giving this legendary Brand Champion exclusivity of his brand.

Michael Jackson

March 14th, 2012 by admin

Even though this legend has passed, his music lyrics will never be forgotten. Michael Jackson topped the pop charts through the end of the century and has the most number one hits on the charts to this day. His devotion to his music has defined him and no one will ever be able to duplicate his dance moves or build to the same creativity of Jackson. Fans will never forget the silver glove, an item that will always be a reminder of this pop king’s musical success. Even through the allegations and negative court business, he is still a mentor to all musicians around the world.

Sam Walton

March 14th, 2012 by admin

Many picture the little yellow smiley face when they think of Walmart Super Stores, but without Sam Walton’s vision of affordable, fully-stocked shelves, with a variety of products, Walmart would just be an idea. This store began as a small venture in Arkansas and is now nationwide, with locations on every corner. The success of Walmart Super Stores has brought low prices to families all over the country. Walmart is a one-stop shop for Americans, who never like to make more stops than needed. Walton was a true businessman and his devotion to his vision is what built his brand build into the success it is today, even after his death. This Brand Champion built a template for many businesses, and the Walton name will never be forgotten.

John Wayne

March 14th, 2012 by admin

Born Marion Mitchell Morrison, John Wayne defined masculinity and paved the road for many western stars to come after him. His voice and unique gestures are just two characteristics fans relate back to Wayne.  His producing and directing skills are also memorable. Even through a surgery, removing his entire left lung, Wayne successfully made films with memorable quotes and plots. Stomach cancer is what finally took this star in 1979, but this Brand Champion will never be forgotten, as he truly defines the term American Icon.

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